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Great wines of Langa and Roero, from producer to consumer
Roero "Loghero" DOCG
This wine is produced from Nebbiolo grapes, grown though in the vineyards of the Roero area to the left of the River Tanaro. Intensely ruby-red with a pleasantly fragrant nose suggesting fruit and violets, it has a dry flavour and tends to be lively, particularly during its first year of life. It is made with a small addition of Arneis grapes and can already be sold from 1st June following the harvest.  

Serving temperature: 16°-17° C  

Controlled Denomination of Origin - D. P. R. 18-3-1985  

Nebbiolo d' Alba DOC
VINEYARD: Nebbiolo
AGING PERIOD: Second decade of September.

COLOR: Ruby red tending to garnet red with

PERFUME: hints of violet that become more
intense with aging.

ALCOHOL CONTENT: minimum: 13.5 °

WAY TO KEEP IT: away from light and
temperature changes. Keep the bottles

AGING: aged in large oak barrels.

aged cheeses and white meats

SERVING MODE: at a temperature of 16-18 °.
Barbera d' Alba DOC
The Barbera vine is widely-grown in Piedmont, but the wine produced in the Alba area stands out for its finesse. It is blessed with an intense, fragrant aroma wich becomes delicately ethereal on ageing, and considerable acidity. Its lively, ruby-red colour acquires garnet-red hues on ageing.  

Serving temperature: 16°-17° C.  

Controlled Denomination of Origin - D.P.R. 27-5-1970

Roero Arneis DOCG
Arneis is a rare vine, grown in the Roero area lying to the left of the River Tanaro. Brightish straw-yellow with pale green hues, its bouquet characteristically hints at flowers and fresh fruit. It is a most pleasing, fresh wine, best drunk young when it can also be served as an aperitif.  

Serving termperature: 9°-10°C.  

Controlled Denomination of Origin - D.P.R. 3-1-1989

Dolcetto d' Alba DOC
Intensely ruby-red with delicately violet tones and a slightly vinous, fruity aroma, Dolcetto is a full wine of moderate acidity, not recomended for ageing.  

Serving temperature: 16°-17° C  

Controlled Denomination of Origin - D. P. R. 6- 7-1974  

Langhe DOC  Favorita
This vine is grown on the loose, wellexposed soil of the Roero. Fairly alcoholic its light straw-yellow colour with delicate, pale green undertones is complemented by a fine, slightly fruity perfume which recalls unripe hazelnuts when the wine is more developed. It has dry, fresh, slightly harsh flavour, and should be drunk young.  

Serving temperature: 9°-10°C  

Controlled Denomination of Origin - D.M. 22-11-1994
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